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Lincoln Jerusalem

Lincoln Jerusalem is brought to you by "Keith Mains" as part of some plans to provide Fantasy Worlds. Please note that any references to "Jerusalem" "New Jerusalem" or any Biblical references are not meant to offend and are merely part of a large number of fantasy stories that evolved out of the WACICO Cartoons Characters devised and created by Keith D Mains. This includes the stories of the Double T Ted's Teddy Bear Characters with their CATTOONS & CARYOONS arriving in the World of the "Humman's" (as that is what the Double T Ted's call people) and hovering in their own version of Jerusalem that floats around perhaps in the sky above Lincolnshire in LN5 and a half somewhere between Lincoln LN5 and Norton Disney LN6 Lincs. Lincs not Links!
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WACICO and the Double T Ted's provide engaging, attractive cartoons for education, stimulation, fun, entertainment, marketing, advertising and many things. Tuning into the creative energies WACICO creates in order to keep creating...

Lincoln Jerusalem

Once upon a time we learned of lands far and wide under spells and curses. Adventures began as we sought to understand.

Lincoln Jerusalem appeared in a light and so it evolved...

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